Highly-optimised wheel storage with integrated tyre sales


ATBAS DEPOT is the new advanced warehouse management system from ATBAS. It has been specifically developed to organise the efficient, cost-effective and time-saving storage of customer wheels. ATBAS DEPOT is also perfect for the management of hardtops, roof boxes or any other items which require storage. It makes no difference whether you are storing these in-house, in another Group company or with an external service provider.


Right from the outset when developing ATBAS DEPOT, our prime consideration was to achieve time savings which were not only limited to wheel-change season. The use of barcode scanners means that the storage location no longer needs to be entered manually. A wheelset can be found, stored or retrieved in just a few moments, saving you time and helping your customers avoid unnecessary waits.

  • Professional wheel storage and retrieval in next to no time using scanners
  • Multiple client capability for group storage or central wheel hotels
  • Warehouse occupancy optimisation
  • Wheel inventory in next to no time (1000 wheelsets in approx. 3 hours)
  • Minimising wait times for customers at wheel change appointments
  • Perfect labelling: multi-coloured, extremely durable and yet removable


Wheel labels

All tyre sales tools come pre-installed in ATBAS DEPOT. You can generate analyses and statistics for worn and damaged tyres with just a few mouse clicks. With one more mouse click, you can create new tyre offers for your customers and print these out or send them by e-mail. A professional offer follow-up function is also already integrated in the system. No more missed tyre sales opportunities.

When the next wheel-change season is approaching, ATBAS DEPOT can also help you to plan the pre-order. Its sophisticated analysis and statistical functions ensure that your next pre-order perfectly meets the needs of your customers. No more unnecessary purchases and no more leftover stock.

  • More detailed analyses according to characteristics such as damage, profile depths, tyre ages, etc.
  • Export function
  • Generate new tyre offers directly from the analyses
  • Professional follow-up for tyre offers
  • Targeted and needs-based tyre purchasing thanks to sophisticated statistics function

Since no company works exactly like any other, we have built ATBAS DEPOT in such a way that it can be individually adapted to the flows and the space available in your dealership. This ensures perfect mapping of every possible wheel process as well as maximum process reliability. The position and movement of every wheelset can be precisely tracked and fully documented, guaranteeing that no wheelsets can get lost.

  • Flexible and future-proof thanks to adjustable process management
  • Maximum process reliability thanks to compulsory work steps, preventing lost wheelsets
  • Noticeable reduction in errors thanks to targeted custom process adaptation
  • No one can store or retrieve wheelsets without leaving a digital fingerprint

We have taken special care to ensure that ATBAS DEPOT is easy and intuitive to use. As a result, little training is required and instruction times are extremely short. ATBAS DEPOT users are productive from the first click. The intelligent menu guidance prevents user errors.

  • Introductory training is integrated with practice – the day’s work can carry on as usual
  • Rapid familiarisation
  • No user errors thanks to intelligent menu guidance

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