ATBAS NET has been launched successfully at a number of Porsche dealerships. The change in product from ATBAS CLASSIC to ATBAS NET is officially recommended from Porsche and has successfully been integrated to 23 customers. ATBAS DEPOT CONNECT has been successfully pilot tested. Cooperation agreements with SCREEN GmbH and 4 WHEELS®SERVICES GmbH have been signed. ATBAS presents its product portfolio at the official Porsche After Sales convention and at the TIRE COLOGNE Exhibition.
Already 200 customers are using the ATBAS DEPOT wheel warehousing tool. To realize all that, ATBAS numbers of employees has raised up to 42.

The workforce, now numbering 36 employees, celebrates the installation of the software by the 1000th customer, Assenheimer + Mulfinger GmbH & Co. KG. ATBAS participates in a Mercedes-Benz service partner conference for the first time, so that even more Mercedes dealerships can benefit from the added value of the ATBAS products. The first dealerships are successfully migrated from ATBAS CLASSIC to ATBAS NET. The 4WHEELS interface is extended with the addition of audit reports and the ability to query multiple customer numbers, whilst ATBAS NET is extended to become capable of managing major customers. ATBAS develops an interface to the control unit for the vertical or paternoster lift systems produced by the company Hänel GmbH & Co. KG, which are already used by contracting partners of the PORSCHE, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz brands. The development of the central wheel storage system (DEPOT CONNECT) is completed and this becomes operational in early 2018.

New interfaces to DMS Alpha+ and to the 4WHEELS wheel storage system are developed. ATBAS NET is installed at a BMW dealership for the first time. The ATBAS DEPOT storage software is extended to offer multi-client capability, facilitating central warehousing. ATBAS DEPOT can be used irrespective of brand, and has been successfully installed for Ford, Volvo and Landrover.

ATBAS extends its office space and the new sales management team starts work. The ATBAS DEPOT storage optimisation software is launched on the market. To extend its interface portfolio, ATBAS commences collaboration with the company ASC, allowing it to implement an interface to DMS CARE.

The company workforce has grown to 24. Restructuring becomes necessary to offer future customers even better service. For the 10th time, a Mercedes-Benz company opts for our software, installing our new flagship ATBAS NET.

Porsche Centre Berlin becomes the 700th ATBAS customer.

ATBAS software is installed in 9 Porsche companies, and the company participates in the Porsche Germany After Sales Conference for the first time.

The software is already being used by 500 customers, now cared for by 20 ATBAS employees. ATBAS is installed in Luxembourg. Further interfaces are included in the software, such as the WPS scheduling interface and the WPS wheel storage interface. The ATBAS software receives certification from the Audi Test Centre. The new version of ATBAS is given the official product name ATBAS NET and is installed in a Mercedes company for the first time.

The 333rd customer chooses and installs ATBAS software.

The 200th customer installs the software and the company moves into new offices. Further software modules have been added, including partner ordering, which facilitates the sell-off of surplus stock to partner companies.
The ATBAS software is installed in the first Porsche centre. Development of a new version of the ATBAS software begins, under the name “v5”.

This year is marked by two magic numbers: The 100th customer installs the software, and the 10th employee joins the company. The newly-completed ATBAS SCAN software moves to the starting line.

The ATBAS software now uses the DMS backbone interface in VW Group dealerships, meaning that it can work even more efficiently.

The ATBAS software is already being used by several dealerships. As the company converts to become a GmbH & Co. KG (a German limited company), two further shareholders also join the business to take care of development and sales. The first two employees are also appointed in the same year.

A whole range of functions have been added to the independently developed program, and the effects can already be felt in terms of time savings and efficient working. Other dealerships show interest in the software. They come up with the idea of selling it as a product and the company ATBAS OHG is launched in 2001.

A parts department manager in a Volkswagen dealership in Dresden is fed up with time-consuming searches for information about parts, with the tedious process of picking goods and with many of the other time- and cost-intensive tasks in the parts department. To make his work easier, he starts to write his own Access tool into which he enters all the relevant information. Thanks to ideas and suggestions from colleagues, the program grows constantly and quickly develops into an indispensable assistant for the parts department. The foundation stone of the ATBAS software is laid.


Sylvio Röthig


Falk Neumann


Florian Schultz


Ute Scheffler


Henry Böhm


Max Walther

Product Development/Quality Management