Goods receiving turbocharger with support for claims handling


ATBAS SCAN is the turbocharger for your dealership goods receiving. Compatible with all manufacturer systems, it can be used to receive deliveries of spare parts for almost all vehicle brands.

Quick, easy, stress-free

6:30 in the morning in the parts department – goods receiving. The first mechanics are already at the parts counter waiting for their spare parts. Stress levels are rising. Sound familiar? With ATBAS SCAN, the barcodes of the parts received are simply scanned one after the other. The software takes charge of the time-consuming task of searching the delivery notice and checking off the goods for you, as well as verifying the quantities. This also eliminates the need to pre-sort the goods. The mechanics get their hands on their parts as quickly as possible – relaxed working atmosphere included!

Process reliability

With ATBAS SCAN, you will never lose oversight of a parts delivery again! The straightforward search window always shows you exactly which parts have not yet been picked. If these aren’t included in the delivery, ATBAS SCAN is also happy to help you register a complaint.

  • Highly efficient goods receiving verification via barcode scanner
  • Time savings of at least 50% compared to manual verification of delivery notices
  • Speedier completion of follow-on processes: Mechanics and customers receive their parts more quickly
  • Reliable verification of quantity and quality via voice output
  • ISO-compliant proof of goods receiving verification via final report
  • Automatic import of electronic delivery notices
  • Complaints registration support
  • Easy to install with the help of installation wizards
  • Automatic updates and ATBAS Support included, no administration costs
  • Pays for itself within 6 months

Configure and order your ATBAS SCAN package easily using the following form. We will send you the contract documents when we have received your order.

ATBAS SCAN software and hardware order sheet

Position Quantity Item designation Unit price
1 1 Commitment fee (one-off payment) €300.00
2 1 ATBAS SCAN licence incl. support for one brand (monthly) €65.00
3 ATBAS SCAN licence incl. support for each additional brand (monthly per brand) €19.00
4 Industrial radio scanner with display and base station, approx. 50 m range, 433 MHz technology €1,130.00
5 Optional: Additional industrial radio scanner with display for pos. 4 (is registered via existing base station) €850.00
6 Industrial radio scanner without display and base station, approx. 50 m range, 433 MHz technology €960.00
7 Optional: Additional industrial radio scanner without display for pos. 6 (is registered via existing base station) €680.00
Total (one-off payment):
Total (monthly):

For all valid delivery notices and/or orders, the customer shall pay the prices stated on these plus value-added tax where required by law or regulation.

(Please enter all dealer numbers for which ATBAS SCAN is to be used for order picking)


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