The parts department manager for time and cost optimisation


We have developed our new flagship ATBAS NET to perfectly organise preparation for service appointments in dealership parts departments – for all vehicle brands! We have paid particular attention to:

  • ensuring customer satisfaction
  • increasing time available for additional business
  • reducing capital commitment in the parts department
  • improving key figures for the service department
  • increasing parts department income

Perfectly-organised spare parts procurement helps you save money. ATBAS NET helps your parts department with this. It reduces the time required for everyday tasks such as ordering, receiving goods, registering complaints and handling spare parts by up to 30%. All information relating to ordered parts is managed centrally by ATBAS NET, and can be viewed from any workstation. In this way, ATBAS NET delivers maximum transparency within the dealership. Queries about ordered parts and long trips to wait at the workshop counter are a thing of the past.

ATBAS NET saves your staff a great deal of time by automating many routine order preparation tasks, freeing them up for additional business.

NET_Time- savings

Thanks to its sophisticated order module, ATBAS NET ensures that dead stock in Group companies is automatically sold off. Stock monitoring and advance access to replenishment deliveries ensures that only spare parts which are actually required are ordered, and always on the best terms possible. This puts an end to unnecessary parts orders, expensive double orders, shortages and any build-up of surplus stock.

Customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind the development of ATBAS NET, right from the start. For example, independent workshops or cash sales customers are automatically notified by e-mail or SMS that their order has arrived. Customer enquiries relating to parts on order can be answered directly and confidently from the information counter. If, for example, parts deliveries are delayed, the service advisers are automatically and promptly informed by ATBAS NET so that they have enough time to extend or cancel previously agreed deadlines. This avoids the need for repeat repairs, saving the parts department valuable time and ensuring delighted customers.

Time is money. With ATBAS NET, time-consuming communication processes, such as those between the service department and parts department, are largely automated. You also benefit from time savings of 50% when receiving goods. So ATBAS frees up valuable time for customers and extra business, more accessories sales, additional billable hours and growth in spare parts sales. The end result for you is better operating results and a quantifiable increase in pre-tax income.

With ATBAS NET, your mechanics can request the spare parts they need right from the workshop floor. The status of orders and the availability of parts can also be queried directly from the workstation, thus avoiding unnecessary trips to the parts department and needless waits at the parts counter. This means improved workshop utilisation, reduced waiting and travelling times for your mechanics and, in turn, more billable working hours.

Whether you use alpha+, CARE, CARLO, CROSS, ingo2000 or VAUDIS – thanks to the special DMS interfaces, ATBAS works superbly with most dealer management systems. ATBAS offers consistent support for virtual technologies such as virtual servers, terminal clients and CITRIX clients, helping to cut your IT costs. Automatic updates and our own Support Service further reduce the burden on your IT department.

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