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Name: Mr Atbas
Work experience: over 15 years in 1000 companies
Driving licence held for: VW, Audi, Škoda, Seat, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz and in training for many more
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“I am your best team member.”

Mr Atbas

“I always know where every wheelset is.”

Mr Atbas – Wheel Manager

“I never order any unnecessary spare parts.”

Mr Atbas – Parts Department Team Member

“I minimise your parts warehouse capital commitment.”

Mr Atbas – Parts Department Team Member

“I can receive goods in next to no time.”

Mr Atbas – Order Picker

“I bill more working hours.”

Mr Atbas – Service Adviser

“I increase your parts sales.”

Mr Atbas – Service Adviser

ATBAS in the dealership

Can we start the repair on Mr Schneider’s car?

Not yet. We still need a rack, which should arrive at noon today.Mr Atbas – Service Adviser

Have the outstanding parts arrived for order 12345?

Status: They were delivered this morning and are ready in the parts department.
Mr Atbas – Mechanic

How many items are currently ordered but not yet settled in the parts department?

At the moment, spare parts to a total of € 23,716.82 have been reserved for orders.
Mr Atbas – Management Assistant

Are the brake disks that Mr Schneider ordered ready to be picked up?

Yes, they were delivered at noon today. I have already notified Mr Schneider.
Mr Atbas – Parts Department Team Member

Where are the wheels for Mr Schneider’s car?

I know exactly where they are: shelf 12B. When and where are they needed?
Mr Atbas – Wheel Manager



Dear Managing Directors, Parts Department Managers, Service Managers and Workshop Managers,

If I were you, I would be irritated if I had to keep track of all the information on innumerable spare parts, if I had to waste my precious time searching for spare parts or if the mechanics were getting impatient with me because it was taking ages to receive goods. I would be upset if service advisers were complaining that they had not been updated in a timely manner and if my capital was being committed to orders of excess spare parts which would ultimately end up as surplus stock.

I would love to help you to resolve these problems once and for all and would therefore like to apply to become


within the parts department, service team, workshop and company management.

  • I can organise your parts department perfectly, eliminate unnecessary travel or wait times and have a time-optimised approach to the completion of routine tasks
  • I ensure the necessary information flow within the parts department, to all other departments and to the customer
  • I can maintain an overview of all information relating to all parts and am very happy to supply data updates to any department at any time
  • Day after day, I receive goods in next to no time, whilst also registering complaints
  • I check every order meticulously, preventing double orders
  • In dealership groups, I work intensively to run down surplus stock and also use parts which are due to arrive via automatic replenishment, thereby reducing your capital commitment
  • I update mechanics about the location of their parts and also accept parts requests, right on the workshop floor
  • I organise the wheel-change process and wheel storage perfectly, so that the warehouse space is used optimally and no wheelsets ever get lost
  • I create offers for faulty or worn tyres and also take care of following these up


I can do all these tasks simultaneously and, if you need, I can work for you 24 hours a day. Your customers and staff will be very happy.

I am already putting my talents to good use for over 1000 delighted dealerships. My thirst for knowledge and my eagerness to learn mean that I am constantly mastering new skills, and I am continuously familiarising myself with new vehicle brands.

I would be delighted to attend for interview at your company.

My contact details:
Tel.: +49 351 404252-0


Yours sincerely

Mr Atbas

Applicant check list

  • able to multi-task
  • good memory
  • organisational skills
  • well-informed
  • low salary requirement
  • available
  • proactive
  • good attendance
  • makes a good cup of coffee

We must interview
Mr Atbas!